17 - 25 November 2023

9 Days, 4 Locations, Full On!
Klang - Pangkor - Penang - Langkawi

2 weeks to go - SI and new NOR available

Posted by malcolm at 5:06 AM on Nov 5, 2022


Only 2 weeks to go..!!
RSYC and RMSIR are making every effort to ensure all Malaysians attending or working on the regatta can vote in the General Election on Saturday 19th November, the day or our first race.
Because of this we have made numerous changes to the schedule, NOR and a reworked Sailing Instructions. These are now available in a zip file along with other documents from the DOWNLOAD PAGE.
We recommend that you download the complete pack in the zip file and check it before coming to RSYC in less than 2 weeks time, as there are changes to safety forms, skippers briefing time (17:30 18/11/22) , race start times, and scoring to allow for 1 discard of a passage race.
We look forward to seeing you at RSYC very soon