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Posted by Malcolm at 4:16 PM on Nov 26, 2016


LATEST NEWS from Langkawi...

14:30 Langkawi.
Results are only provisional and subject to any protests being lodged, but already, on this bright and sunny day at Kuah harbour in Langkawi there has been a major change on the leader board.
Class 2 defenders, Antipodes, came in 3rd place in today's 1st race, thus losing their only chance to grasp the cup back from the leaders since Penang, the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces Team, skippered by Masyuri on ZUHAL. Their only chance now is if Zuhal does not finish the 2nd race being held now...
Meanwhile in Class 1, Windsikher has increased her lead over Mandrake III in the first of their 3 races today, whilst in class 3 the continuous line of 1's behind Fujin and 5's behind Pasaya have not deterred the middle 3 fighting it out for 2nd and 3rd places on the podium tonight, with Popeye easing ahead of Insanity by 2 points. Nijinsky will need to get a 1st now to stand a chance of stage time tonight.

Winds of 12 to 15 knots reported, with scattered clouds and ideal weather for sailing in Kuah harbour today, so hopefully all the rescheduled races will be run before everyone heads back for celebrations tonight at Royal Langkawi Yacht Club.
Class 6 results currently only show 2 boats as having finished, so, if that persists, then Blue Angel will scrape home to win class 6 by 1 point. However results are still coming in and are provisional, so anything can still happen.

Windsikher has the bit between her teeth now and gains another 1st place in the penultimate race in class 1 today. Her current 6 point lead over 2nd place Mandrake III can only be lost if she fails to finish the last race and Mandrake wins.
Meanwhile in Class 2 Zuhal has cemented a Jugra Cup win for the Malaysian Armed Forces despite Antipodes winning the last race. This has been a ding-dong battle throughout this regatta with the leading 3 boats battling till the end.
In class 3, with just 1 race left Insanity and Popeye are neck and neck at 22 each still fighting over 2nd and 3rd places. Fujin has a clean sweep of 8 wins thus far to take the class title by a very long mile. Olympic gold medalists are not to be tangled with, obviously!

With the results finally posted for class 6 we see that there will be some celebrations aboard the smallest and second oldest boat in the fleet tonight.. let’s hope the crowd of revelers and bottles of Old Pulteney don’t overwhelm the poor little Impala 28. Jeremy Camps will be a happy man having clawed back the lead after a disastrous first race to Pangkor. With Sade 2 and Eveline hot on his heels he takes the Eveline Trophy by 4 points.

Class 5 shows elapsed times from less than 2 to just over 4 hours and originally a first win for Zoo Too, prior to a protest being lodged, which now shows her as RAF. More news on that as the results of the hearing are published later. So that leaves little change to the leader board, with Lady Bubbly taking the class crown yet again, followed by VG Offshore and Delite. There will be some serious celebrations in Charlie’s tonight with that crowd in there.

With the wind, which had behaved itself for this last day of racing, gradually fading and celebration time looming, the proposed last races for classes 1 and 3 were abandoned, leaving the earlier results intact and Windsikher retaining the Raja Muda Cup of class 1 for another year, despite a fierce battle with contenders Mandrake III. 3rd place Black Baza took a while show their intentions during the earlier races but pushed hard on the heels of the leaders since Penang.

So, as the sun sets over Kuah harbour and the food is being prepared for the celebrations tonight we see a new holder of the Jugra Cup in Zuhal, with the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces skipper Masyuri recover from his broken mast episode last year to claim victory. Antipodes, despite 3 wins in 6 races is forced into 2nd with Starlight 3rd .

Class 3 has been a forgone conclusion, with Fujin wiping the floor with 8 out of 8 wins, but 2nd place decided by tie break going to Popeye, leaving Insanity to grab 3rd .

Class 5 has been a case of who can keep up with Lady Bubbly, who has only missed a clean sweep by one race. VG Offshore kept up the pressure, likely due to having 2 ex RM winners on board, to hold 2nd and Delite a respectable 3rd by only 2 points.

Class 6 shows that classic design and age, that’s the boat not the skipper, wins with the little Blue Angel forging a 4 point lead over Sade 2 in 2nd and Aeolus XC in 3rd with Eveline suffering in the light winds of the last 2 days.

We will bring you a final report and pictures of the racing and closing ceremony later, but for now … standing by on 77…out.

Malcolm Elliott