here today, gone tomorrow

Posted by Malcolm at 7:26 PM on Nov 25, 2016


Jeremy Camps and the team on the smallest boat in the fleet (but the longest name), Old Pulteney Blue Angel, need to keep up their winning streak if they are to clinch the class 6 title from Eveline and Sade 2 who have been hot on their heels since their unfortunate lightning encounter on race 1. The disappearance of wind at close of play Friday took its toll on the slower boats, with only OPBA and Sade 2 finishing before the stumps were pulled.

In class 5 only Lady Bubbly managed to cross the finish line in time, leaving to others to potter around Kuah harbour wondering whether fishing would be preferable to “drifting with attitude”. With only one more race, Team Bubbly can celebrate early (they have had plenty of practice!) as their 6 points cannot be beaten even by their bar-side rivals on VG Offshore. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them watching the racing (and the F1 qualifiers) from Charlie’s tomorrow.

Class 3 results are looking so neat and tidy with the points sitting in neat rows of 1s and 5s, they resemble a bricklayer’s manual, but with some serious rivalry in between. With still 2 (or even 3 if today’s postponed 2nd race gets squeezed in) races on Saturday there will still be some rivalry to see who from the middle 3 find a place on stage tomorrow night.

Retaining the Jugra Cup is still within the sights of Antipodes if they can get ahead of Zuhal with a final winning place in the cruise around the isles…. Just keep to the deep water.

The Raja Muda Cup is still down to the top 3 to fight it out in a Hong Kong – Singapore battle… so all set for a nail biting finish tomorrow…