17 - 25 November 2023

9 Days, 4 Locations, Full On!
Klang - Pangkor - Penang - Langkawi

it's the final countdown...

Posted by malcolm at 1:58 PM on Nov 12, 2022


The preparations for this years RMSIR 2022 , the 32nd edition of this well-established Asian regatta, are well under way… despite a 2 year gap due to travel restrictions caused by you-know-what. New and old participants are planning their trips up from Singapore and down from Thailand, boats have changed hands, with skippers new to this event having been well primed by old hands, probably over a few drinks at various yacht club bars, and the big buoys inflated and checked for leaks.

The announcement of the 15th Malaysian General Election being on the 19th November, the day of the first passage race to Pangkor, threw a last minute curved ball.. or more like a massive spanner... into the well-oiled machine for the organisers at Royal Selangor Yacht Club. The Royal Malaysian Marin Polis, who provide the much needed and appreciated assistance with Start boats, escort and mark laying RIBs and safety cover, have been called away on Election issues and so won’t be with the regatta until the fleet arrives in Penang. So plan C, or was it D?, has been put into effect to get all the race gear.. a mobile regatta office, a lorry load of race buoys, anchors, flags horn etc ... and people!, all taken up the course by road instead of the usual method by sea.

However, it all seems to be coming together and, whilst a couple of boats now can’t make it this year, the fleet, with 7 classes of various designs and speeds, is chomping at the bit to get to RSYC and back to the years-old RMSIR format so well loved by all that have participated in the past. We will be keeping you updated on the participants and the race reposts when it starts in less than a weeks’ time..

Stand by...