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Klang - Pangkor - Penang - Langkawi

16th - 24th November 2018


Water, water, everywhere...

Posted by Malcolm at 10:41 AM on Oct 21, 2018



In our July Newsletter we highlighted the RSYC effort to support the international Clean Seas Campaign. We can now give you more specific details.

During RMSIR and other regattas, sailors need to drink a lot of water. Traditionally this is purchased in large numbers of plastic bottles that are thrown away after each race. This year, all boats will be provided at registration with reusable drinking bottles, one for each crew member, plus a small quantity of 10 litre “bag in a box” drinking water supplied by our sponsor O Pure.

This boxed New Zealand artesian spring water is a very convenient way to store water on board, as it comes in an easily stowable, regular shaped, pack, which contains a flexible foil liner. So zero plastic to dispose of and the box collapses flat after use for easy transport to the paper waste bins onshore. Just refill your drinking bottle from the small tap anytime.

We strongly recommend that all participating boats use this boxed water rather than packs of plastic bottles. It will be available for purchase at a reasonable price in Port Klang and elsewhere.